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With Father’s Day quickly approaching on Sunday, June 16, gift-givers can look no further than the curated list of presents below, perfect for spirit lovers, coffee fanatics, grillmasters, and at-home mixologists. 

  • Bluebird Distilling’s Sportsman Bourbon: A premium whiskey dedicated to the spirit of adventure – perfect for whiskey enthusiasts and lovers of the outdoors! 
  • Char & Stave Coffee: Bluebird Distilling’s coffee roastery offers blends like Four Grain Barrel-Aged Beans – the perfect gift for any coffee enthusiast!  
  • Poi Dog Sauces: The perfect gift for the grillmaster, foodie, and sauce lover – Poi Dog Sauces is the highly versatile line of Hawai’i-inspired sauces that shines in just about anything!   
  • Tamworth Distilling Saison De Frai: Fly fishermen will love this trout-inspired whiskey, adorned with a trout shaped label and a hand-tied Royal Coachman Hookless Practice Fly  
  • The Pathfinder Hemp and Root: Dads looking to imbibe mindfully will love this pioneering zero-proof spirit that promises to destroy bad vibes. 



Bluebird Distilling Sportsman Bourbon 

Bluebird Distilling, Pennsylvania’s award-winning grain-to-glass craft distillery, boasts a bevy of premium (and giftable) spirits, including Sportsman Bourbon (750ml, 100 proof, $74.99), a wheated bourbon whiskey dedicated to the spirit of adventure. A spirit perfect for Dads who are whiskey enthusiasts and lovers of the outdoors alike, this high-proof, distinctive bourbon is the ideal accompaniment for any activity from hunting, to fishing, to camping.  

Tasting Notes

  • Nose: Honeysuckle, old oak, and vanilla 
  • Mid-Palate: Light honey, soft corn, and leather 
  • Finish: Baked pie and honey-laced vanilla  

Gift-givers can purchase a bottle online for nationwide shipping. | Instagram: @bluebirddistilling 



Char & Stave

Gift-givers looking to find a unique addition to any coffee enthusiast’s lineup can look no further than Char & Stave, the Pennsylvania roastery and full-service café-by-day, cocktail bar-by-night helmed by Jared Adkins of Bluebird Distilling. Influenced by Adkin’s distilling experience, Char & Stave produces “coffee by whiskey people,” with its Barrel-Aged Roasts that utilize a process strikingly similar to the aging process of Bluebird Distilling’s wide catalogue of brown spirits. Char & Stave’s flagship Four Grain Bourbon Aged Blend ($25) is aged in brown spirit barrels used to make the distillery’s noted whiskeys and bourbons.  

GIft-givers can purchase Char & Stave roasts online for nationwide shipping. | Instagram: @charandstavecoffee   



Poi Dog Sauces

Grilling season has arrived, and Poi Dog Sauces, purveyors of Hawaiian-inspired at-home condiments, is the perfect gift for any Dad who’s looking to expand his pitmaster lineup! The line of unique sauces includes flavors such as Chili Peppah Water, Guava Katsu Sauce, Huli Sauce.  

  • Chili Peppah Water ($16/9oz | Vegan, gluten free) – Chili Peppah Water lends everything a spicy, vinegary tang, a gingery kick laced with Hawaiian Sea Salt. Super pure water is infused with a variety of chilis and vinegars to create a savory, not-too-spicy vibrant condiment that kicks a refreshing boost into countless applications. The condiment is made with seasonal peppers so batches will change depending on when they are brewed — The current batch uses peppers sourced from Boonville Barn Collective in California. 
  • Huli Sauce ($17/12 oz.) – Sweet pineapple, deeply savory miso, fragrant Chinese five-spice — this sauce is versatile. Use it to baste chicken, in addition to adding a deep, sweet savoriness to mushrooms, vegetables, burgers, and more. 
  • Guava Katsu Sauce ($16/12 oz | Vegan) – Guava Katsu Sauce is tropical, umami-rich, fruity and gingery. A Japanese-style BBQ and dipping sauce made with guava, miso, ginger, tomato, and dried mushroom. Meaty, rich, and deeply flavorful – but it happens to be vegan!  

Gift-givers can purchase a BBQ gift box ($36) with all three sauces online for nationwide shipping. | Instagram: @poidogforever 



House of Tamworth Saison De Frai 

House of Tamworth Saison De Frai, the latest addition to Tamworth Distilling’s line of weird whiskies, is the perfect catch for Dads who are fly fishermen. Inspired by the Swift River, located steps away from Tamworth Distilling, $1 from each bottle sold will benefit Trout Unlimited and their mission of keeping our country’s cold-water fisheries and their watersheds safe from environmental threats for this and future generations of anglers to enjoy. It also supports the distillery’s quest to care for, and recover, the Swift River and restore its thriving population of wild and native trout. 

Each bottle of Saison De Frai features a small scoop of trout roe that has been carefully preserved in apple brandy, adding an exciting element to the liquid — similar to tapioca pearls in bubble tea. The bottles are adorned with a trout shaped label and a hand-tied Royal Coachman Hookless Practice Fly. 

House of Tamworth Saison De Frai (90 proof, 200 ml, $65) is available for purchase online for nationwide shipping. | Instagram: @tamworth_distilling   



The Pathfinder Hemp and Root 

The Pathfinder Hemp and Root, a nonalcoholic spirit fermented and distilled from hemp, is housed in a beautifully decorated bottle that is the perfect addition to any Dad’s at-home bar cart.  Made with eight botanicals, natural terpenes, and bad-vibe-dispelling mystique, this zero-proof libation has all of the intense flavor and aromatic characteristics of a spirit with none of the harmful effects of alcoholic beverages. The zero-proof elixir has risen to cult status from features in outlets such as The New York Post, Food Network, Forbes, Bloomberg Pursuits, The New York Times,, and Oprah Daily.  

This ingenious zero-proof spirit is fermented from hemp and carefully refined by copper pot distillation. The base liquid is then blended with an alchemy of wormwood, angelica root, ginger, sage, juniper, saffron, orange peel, and wild-crafted Douglas-fir, as well as natural terpenes, to yield a revolutionary spirit of both character and complexity.   

In drinks, The Pathfinder shines in the brand’s signature spritz recipe, but it can also be taken as a shot, sipped neat, served on the rocks, or used to modify a multitude of classic cocktails. In other words, it fits right into the back bar of any cocktail destination as well as it does on a home bar cart.   

The Pathfinder Hemp and Root (700 ml, $39.99) is available for purchase online for nationwide shipping. | Instagram @drinkthepathfinder