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Consumer Goods reports that “COVID-19 drove people to reflect on their priorities, elevating concepts like community service, equity, and sustainability”. 

With this growing movement in mind, here are several unique spirits that either directly support philanthropic efforts, or are sustainably produced and ecologically minded (just in time for gift-giving season). 

In a nutshell: 

The newest bourbon from Bluebird Distilling directly supports the maintenance of healthy East Coast waterways 

Two Tamworth Distilling spirits that help cull invasive species AND contribute funds to  New Hampshire conservation efforts  

Tenango Rum aims to support in the empowerment of Guatemalan communities via employing women and craftspeople


Jared Adkins, Founder and Master Distiller of Bluebird Distilling, the award-winning grain-to-glass Pennsylvania distillery, is thrilled to announce a recent  partnership with the Jetty Rock Foundation, the 501(C)3 nonprofit arm of the coastal lifestyle and apparel brand Jetty. Available now, 10% of proceeds from brand-new Breakwater Bourbon will be directly applied to the maintenance, protection and care of oceans and waterways.  

The well-aged, lightly smoked bourbon captures the flavors of coastal adventure and marks the shared appreciation for our environment shared by Bluebird Distilling and The Jetty Rock Foundation, whose work includes fundraising through community events, sponsorships, planned giving, private donations and sales of Jetty Rock Oysters. 

Inspired by late-summer fireside hangs, Breakwater Bourbon is now available for purchase onBluebird Distilling’s online store nationwide, as well as on-premise at Bluebird Distilling and both Char & Stave locations in Pennsylvania, plus select retailers in New Jersey and Pennsylvania for $54.99.   


Bluebird Distilling | 100 Bridge St, Phoenixville PA | | @bluebirddistilling 


Tamworth Distilling, the sustainably- and ecologically-minded New Hampshire craft distillery known for its experimentation with local flora and fauna, offers two spirits that illustrate founder Steven Grasse’s ethos, at the crossroads of conservation and quality:  

House of Tamworth Crab Trapper, the marine-life flavored whiskey whose virality helped secure Grasse’s position as a 2023 Food & Wine Innovator of the Year is made with a seacret ingredient: Green crabs, an invasive species currently wreaking ecological and economic havoc along the New England coast. 


In addition,Grasse and Tamworth Distilling are thrilled to announce the partnering of flagship spirit Chocorua Straight Rye Whiskey with the Chocorua Lake Conservancy, based in New Hampshire. Comprised of house-made grain, locally grown herbs and botanicals, and pure water, Chocorua Straight Rye Whiskey ($55/750ml)is the embodiment of Tamworth’s scratch made ethos that gives back to the land it stems from: Each purchase of the 100% organic rye whiskey pays forward $1 to the protection and maintenance of the majestic Chocorua Mountain and Chocorua Lake Basin via donation to the Chocorua Lake Conservancy.  

Eco-friendly imbibers can give back to the environment while gifting themselves via Tamworth Distilling’s websiteor in select New Hampshire locations. Read more about Chocorua Lake Conservancy’s land and water initiatives here.


Tamworth Distilling | 15 Cleveland Hill Rd, Tamworth NH | | @tamworth_distilling


Introducing Tenango Rum, the brand-new single-source Latina-owned spirit hitting shelves this month: Authentically made in a Guatemalan distillery, Tenango (750ml, 80 proof, $49.99) is an homage to family, good times, and the entrepreneurial spirit. The rum is a vessel for cultural celebration and sustainability, and the launch aims to support in the empowerment of Guatemalan communities via employing women and craftspeople to hand-make the vibrant covers that adorn each bottle. The traditional Mayan sheaths are woven on a traditional foot loom by a Guatemalan Kik’che’ Women’s co-op that specializes in this cultural practice, and $2 from every bottle sold goes to the co-op’s trade workers.

Through its commitment to empowering Guatemalan communities, Tenango Rum specifically honors founder Sofia Deleon’s great-great grandmother, a pioneering woman distiller in the 1920’s, while providing jobs and resources to women in Guatemala.  

Tenango Rum is dark-aged in American oak barrels. It gives a floral scent on the nose, and notes of chocolate, butterscotch, and almond on the palate.  The rum is best enjoyed sipped neat or over ice; but shines in a bevy of classic cocktails including an Espresso Martini, Old Fashioned, Mojito, and more.  


Tenango Rum | | @tenangorum