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Earlier this month, our own Director of Strategy at PUNCH Media, Kylie Flett, had the pleasure of attending the 40th Annual FOOD & Wine Classic held in Aspen, Colorado on behalf of client Tamworth Distilling and Steven Grasse, named a 2023 Drinks Innovator of The Year!

It was an honor to introduce esteemed attendees to some of the distillery’s most innovate and celebrated spirits; including Crab Trapper Whiskey, Tamworth Garden Damson Gin, the celebrated V.S.O.P. Apple Brandy, and more. Kylie, alongside distillery representatives Jill and Sloan, spent the two-day festival stirring up cocktails, pouring tastings, and illustrating the scratch-made (often one-of-a-kind) ethos that informs all Tamworth Distilling spirits to curious passersby — Not to mention, sampling spirits from other innovators receiving honors! Check out some footage from the Classic here.

We are pleased to support Tamworth Distilling and Steven Grasse as they continue to push the envelope in the production of unique, memorable, and quality spirits. Keep up with them on Instagram @tamworth_distilling for more.

– Tristan Kim