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November 10, 2022 – Olga Sorzano, founder of the beloved Baba’s Bucha brand, is pleased to announce the launch of Baba’s Acid Trip – a brand new line of tart and tangy kombucha vinegars. Launched on November 1, Baba’s Acid Trip is a bright and flavorful ingredient that will bring a zing to any dish or drink.  

Baba’s Acid Trip is the first of its kind, a line of complex kombucha vinegars, which can be used as a unique cocktail acidifier, and shines in bright and fresh culinary recipes. Chefs, at-home cooks, bartenders, cocktail enthusiasts, and more, can choose from four unique flavors, Raspberry Lime, Grapefruit, Pear Ginger, and Cayenne. Served in 12 oz. bottles for $12.99 each or $48 for the Strange Trip Variety Pack — a perfect gift for any adventurous chef or craft cocktail lover, Baba’s Acid Trip is highly concentrated, boasting over 12 1 oz. servings per bottle. Half an ounce is the perfect zero calorie addition to seltzer water for a mindful mocktail, and just an ounce can replace most high-end finishing vinegars and citrus in salad dressings and marinades. Raspberry Lime brightens cocktails including the Pink Gimlet, Grapefruit is a zingy addition to libations such as the Whiskey Bright and Sour, Cayenne brings the heat to a Thai Noodle Salad, and Pear Ginger unlocks the secret to perfect Thanksgiving sides, including a Baked Feta, Pear, and Red Onion Skillet.  

“A splash of Acid Trip balances, brightens, and emboldens your favorite cocktails and recipes,” says founder and Chef, Olga Sorzano. “I had been making kombucha vinegars as my own magical elixir for years and now I am excited to finally bring this innovative product to the masses!”  

Baba’s Acid Trip was born during the pandemic when supply chain issues caused Sorzano into creating a shelf-stable product, answering the challenging logistical requirement many retailers face when order Baba’s Bucha, which must be kept refrigerated. Acid Trip is a living vinegar that has journeyed through many realms of fermentation, and the rewards are plentiful. Carefully curated kombucha over many months and allows the SCOBY (symbiotic colony of bacteria and yeast) to convert any residual sugars into acetic and other organic acids, helping to create a vibrant kombucha vinegar. In addition to these healthy acids, kombucha vinegar is also rich in probiotics and antioxidants from the green and black tea that form the backbone of the original kombucha brew. With a lower overall acidity (~3% vs 5-7%) than other vinegar varieties, and much less acidity than apple cider vinegar, this concentrated liquid can be watered down with still or sparkling water (or spiked) for a refreshing, fruity treat in any season.  

Available ONLINE for National distribution, at Kimberton Whole Foods, as well as at boutiques, bottle shops, and some of Philadelphia’s favorite bars and restaurants, such as Front Street Café, Rex at The Royal, Art in the Age, and more.  

For more information, and for recipe inspiration, please visit Baba’s Acid Trip on Instagram, Facebook, and online.  

Flavors include:

Raspberry Lime

A sultry and seductive fusion of zesty limes and voluptuous raspberries that will teleport you into the sweet depths of summer – all year long


A perky zing from the rind and a dash of natural sweetness from the plump flesh of the grapefruit come together in perfect harmony to envelope you in a bright, zesty embrace


The powerhouse combo of pungent ginger, fiery cayenne, earthy turmeric, and wildflower honey creates a game-changing, reality-warping experience for your tastebuds unlike any other. Strap in for the flavor ride of your life

Pear Ginger

The lovechild from a passionate affair between irresistibly sassy ginger and ripe, juicy pears that will set your spine a-tingle

-Hannah Church

Olga Sorzano