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June 28, 2022 – Bluebird Distilling, the award-winning, grain-to-glass craft distillery, recently celebrated their 7th Anniversary with the launch of three new spirits at the distillery’s flagship location in Phoenixville, PA. Complete with yard games (cornhole, anyone?) and live music from Tucked In, partygoers lined up around the block, eager to taste the latest additions to Bluebird’s ever-expanding collection of spirits: Barrel Strength Four Grain Bourbon, aged for 7 years in the distillery’s oldest barrels, the floral and aromatic Honeycomb Gin, and the slightly-sweet-ready-to-pour, Bottled Old Fashioned Whiskey Cocktail. In addition to the new drops, Bluebird Distilling reintroduced two of their seasonal limited-edition favorites, back by popular demand: Summer Whiskey, a blend of house whiskies, cold brewed full leaf Pekoe Black Tea, lemon, cane sugar as well as Jamaican Rum Barrel Finished Four Grain Bourbon, Bluebird Distilling’s signature Four Grain Bourbon finished in juicy Dark Jamaican Rum barrels.

Bluebird Distilling’s Barrel Strength Four Grain Bourbon, Honeycomb Gin and Bottled Old Fashioned Whiskey Cocktail are testaments to the distillery’s grain-to-glass ethos and dedication to using recipes that are tested and revised again and again to reach perfection. See details and tasting notes on the three new spirits below:  

  • Barrel Strength Four Grain Bourbon (112 Proof, $85/750 ml) – Aged for a full seven years, the same age as the craft distillery, Barrel Strength Four Grain Bourbon is the highest-proof and oldest spirit produced by Bluebird Distilling to date. Distillers hand pick the oldest and highest-quality barrels, dump the contents and bottle the spirit without dilution, at barrel strength. Tasting Notes: Leather, toffee, tobacco, red velvet cake and lingering vanilla fill every sip. 
  • Honeycomb Gin (90 Proof, $45/750 ml) — A celebration of nature. Distillers combine a delicate array of juniper, citrus and botanicals to gin and blend in seasonal wildflower honey, which lends to the floral aroma. Gin and wildflower honey combine to create sweet, subtle notes of lemon meringue pie, black pepper, honeysuckle, fresh evergreen and light vanilla. Tasting Notes: Up Front: Honeysuckle, graham cracker. Mid-Palate: Floral honey, pepper, evergreen. Finish: Soft lemon meringue pie, vanilla. 
  • Bottled Old Fashioned Whiskey Cocktail (80 Proof, $45/750 ml) — Crafted with Bluebird Distilling’s signature Four Grain Bourbon, a touch of cane sugar, house bitters, and steeped with orange peels. For best results, imbibers are encouraged to pour over ice and garnish with a lemon and orange peel. Tasting Notes: Up Front: Tobacco, toffee, orange zest. Mid-Palate: caramel, baking spice. Finish: Velvety orange, vanilla, spice. 
  • Summer Whiskey (80 Proof, $39.99/750 ml) — Made from a blend of Bluebird house whiskies, cold-brewed full-leaf Pekoe Black Tea, fresh lemon and just a touch of cane sugar.   
  • Jamaican Rum Barrel Finished Four Grain Bourbon (92 Proof, $65/750 ml) – Bluebird Distilling’s classic Four Grain Bourbon is finished in juicy Dark Jamaican Rum barrels. Tasting Notes: Up Front: Caramel, toffee. Mid-Palate: Tobacco. Finish: Bananas, cloves, dried fruit. 

These spirits and more are now available to purchase on-site at Bluebird Distilling and sister café Char & Stave, in PA Fine Wine & Good Spirits stores, and to ship statewide in Pennsylvania via the Bluebird Distilling website.

Equipped with both outdoor and indoor seating, Bluebird Distilling’s Phoenixville distillery is open daily for bottle sales from 1 pm –11 pm, with cocktail service offered Monday through Saturday from 1 pm – 12 am. To keep up with exciting spirit releases, news, and events, follow Bluebird Distilling on social media.  

Twitter:@BBIRDDistilling, Instagram:@BluebirdDistillingFacebook/Bluebird-Distilling or visit

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-Wayne Dreuitt