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March 11, 2021

It has been our most sincere honor here at PUNCH Media to work alongside so many businesses and business owners fighting for survival.  

We want to salute all the industry workers, businesses, chefs, and all those in the trenches who pivoted, stayed on brand, shifted, closed, reopened, closed again. 

Hats off Philly, industry folks and to all of us, really. Who hasn’t been affected? We’re going to make it. And we’ll be here to roll up our sleeves and do what whatever needs to be done to help make our businesses successful again, for the good of all.  

A lot has changed since last March. Let’s bring some of the good we learned along the way with us as we move to a new normal.  

And for those we’ve lost, let’s march forth into new territory, and work together for a better world for all, and honor their memories by making it all worth something.   


-James Zeleniak