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May 26, 2020 – It’s no secret that the current state of the world has left many of us with more than a little free time on our hands – And what better time to brush up on your mixology skills? This summer, elevate your at-home craft cocktail game with all-inclusive DIY cocktail kits from Art in the Age, the workshop and testing ground for the spirit savants at Quaker City Mercantile!

If you’ve been missing your favorite tipple, not to worry: From Memorial Day through Labor Day, Art in the Age will offer expansive cocktail kits that contain every element you need to craft the perfect libation — wherever you are; from bourbon to bitters and mixing spoons to shakers. Kicking off with the Summer Sipping Cocktail Kits below, additional seasonal options will be added throughout the summer and will be announced via the @artintheage Instagram:


  • The Sweet Tea Old Fashioned Cocktail Kit comes complete with Kinsey Bourbon Whiskey ($44.99), Bittercube Orange Bitters ($28.50),  Jack Rudy Sweet Tea Syrup ($20.00), as well as a Diamond Pattern Mixing Glass ($25), Peak Sphere Ice Mold ($17), Japanese Jigger ($18), 4-Prong Hawthorne Strainer ($8), Professional Weighted Bar Spoon ($12), and an original Art in the Age Rocks Glass ($9)


  • The Thai Basil Mule Cocktail Kit is comprised of Tamworth Distilling White Mountain Ginger Vodka ($50), Thai Basil Som Cane Cordial ($24), Fee Brothers Lime Bitters ($10), as well as a 16 oz Cocktail Shaker ($16.00), Glass Jigger ($10), Single Bent Metal Straw ($3.50), and a 4-Prong Hawthorne Strainer ($8)


This steal is available for online  order at, or for curbside pickup via email

Those who order through the website must be 21 or older and must show ID at the time of delivery and pick up.  All available items for purchase can be found here. For more information and recipe inspiration follow Art in the Age on FacebookTwitter and Instagram.

-Kira Cappello