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April 7, 2020 – New Hampshire’s most rural and Northern Distillery, Tamworth Distilling & Mercantile, which focuses on using local, ‘wilderness to table’ ingredients to create a collection of uniquely flavored, scratch-made spirits, is shifting gears to make scratch-made hand sanitizer in order to best support their remote village during this time of need. With the pun-filled take on New Hampshire’s state motto of “Live Clean or Die,” Tamworth Distilling will be donating 95% of their hand sanitizer production to the Tamworth Community Nurse Association.

Steven Grasse, creator of Hendricks Gin, chose Tamworth as the home for Tamworth Distilling for its pristine water source and remote location that allows for a special kind of wilderness to table ethos. Nestled in the White Mountains in a rural farm community, Tamworth has a population of just 2,500 residents and is one of the least populated counties in all of New Hampshire. The historical town is so remote that in 1921 it started its own version of Universal Healthcare. For the past 99 years, Tamworth has uniquely provided free healthcare to all residents through the Tamworth Nurses Association. They are the only town in America to do so.

“When the COVID-19 crisis hit, Tamworth’s remote location became a liability and the Tamworth Community Nurse Association was hit especially hard by the hand sanitizer shortage” said Steven Grasse, Tamworth Distilling Founder and Owner. “Being so off-the-beaten path means relief is not coming anytime soon, so our decision to switch gears to support our Tamworth community came easy.”

The White Mountain Hand Sanitizer is made with scratch-made neutral grain spirit made on-site by Tamworth Distilling’s team of talented distillers and will be available to purchase in 16 oz. glass pump containers exclusively at and for $9 per bottle beginning April 3rd. The White Mountain Hand Sanitizer will be available as production allows and will be only sold online, in person sales will not be accommodated at this time. The nominal cost for consumer purchase helps subsidize the cost of the donation and allows Tamworth Distilling employees to remain employed during this uncertain time.

“We’re proud to be supporting our medical professionals in this time of crisis.”

For updates about the availability of Tamworth Distilling hand sanitizer, follow them on Twitter: @TamworthDistill, Instagram: @Tamworth_Distilling, and Facebook/TamworthDistilling.

-Kira Cappello