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January 16, 2020 – A quick check in with any news source will display the devastation: Catastrophic wildfires continue to ravage the landscape of Australia. In efforts to show support all the way from the City of Brotherly Love, Khyber Pass Pub and Jet Wine Bar are each hosting Aussie-centered fundraising events, with proceeds directly benefitting organizations providing aid to the people, animals, and habitats impacted by the destruction.

“The magnitude of devastation and loss my homeland is experiencing is almost impossible to fathom,” said Kylie Flett, Australian native and our own Director of PR + Strategy ADL here at PUNCH Media. “Wineries I visited, National Parks I hiked, and koalas I spotted in trees just three short weeks ago no longer exist. It’s heart breaking.”

Khyber Pass Pub, in partnership with Flett, is proud to present Bushfire Benefit — a Fundraiser For Our Mates Down Under on Saturday, January 25. From noon to 4 pm, guests will enjoy Aussie beer, wine, meat pies, sausage rolls, a raffle, live music — and more! Our fundraising goal for this event is $5,000 and all proceeds will be donated to the Adelaide Koala Rescue and Kangaroo Island Mayoral Fund.  Attendees will pay a $20 donation at the door and will receive a complimentary welcome beer or wine and entry to the Aussie themed revelry, which will boast house-made Sausage Rolls ($6), as well as beer and wine from Adelaide, South Australia, such as Coopers Pale Ale and Coopers Sparkling Ale ($6) and Freddy Nerks Bianco and Rosso wines ($10). Four’N Twenty Pies, the popular Australian brand of traditional beef pies, will be dishing up the Aussie icon for a suggested donation of $6 with 100% of each meat pie purchase going towards the fundraising efforts.

Khyber Pass Pub | 56 S 2nd, Philadelphia | 215-238-5888 |

Across town, Jet Wine Bar kicks off a week long Wine Relief event beginning January 23, boasting a menu featuring over 10 Australian wines as well as the Shiraz 75 — a unique take on the French 75 made with Four Pillars Bloody Shiraz Gin. $5 from each cocktail, glass of wine, and wine flight will be donated to Nature Foundation’s Wildlife Recovery Fund — which aims to re-establish habitat, particularly for threatened and vulnerable species. Optional Aussie fare will also be available!  In addition to the wines and cocktail, guests will also enjoy optional Aussie food pairings such as meat pies, veggie samosas, and vanilla slice — a traditional Aussie dessert — courtesy of Sojourn Culinary Director, Lucio Palazzo, as well as themed movies and music all week long.

Jet Wine Bar | 1525 South St., Philadelphia | (215) 735-1116 |

-Kira Capello


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