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Hosting weddings and milestone celebrations for more than five years, Erika Emmerling, Catering Sales Manager at Chubb Hotel & Conference Center, has learned a thing or two and is here with valuable advice on how to ensure your proposal is perfectly unforgettable, surpassing the grandeur of your lover’s daydreams. The holiday season especially is a time for sharing love, joy, and happiness…the perfect time to promise eternal love to your number one person.

  1. Stay True – When it comes to deciding where you want to pop the question, think: what would be best for you as a couple? Would you (both) like all of your friends and family to come out of a hidden room in a restaurant, or would you rather walk down main street of the small town you grew up in, sipping cocoa and listening to distant carolers?
  2. Plan – Be sure to have a photographer around pretending to take landmark shots, while actually focusing on the two of you. If outside, bring blankets, hot drinks, or aim for somewhere with a fire pit or heat lamps. If inviting friends, be sure they all arrive early to ease your nerves and as to not miss your special moment.
  3. It’s The Thought That Counts – Putting significant thought and effort into arranging the perfect proposal is truly the grandest of gestures, surely to end with your partner’s hand entwined in yours. The proposal is the final reminder why your partner wants to spend the rest of their life with you, before they agree.
  4. Location, Location, Location – Wherever you choose to get down on one knee, that spot will become a landmark in your relationship. A spot bringing flutters to your heart when you pass it by, a spot you may one day be pointing out to your children, or grandchildren.

 Miracle on 34th Street: Take your fiancé-to-be on a romantic walk admiring the most beautiful holiday lights in the city and let them know that out of all the lights, they shine the brightest.

Christmas Village: There are so many perfectly festive backgrounds and romantic to-dos in LOVE park during Christmas Village. Bend the knee in front of the LOVE sign, listening to the carolers, sipping hot chocolate, or skate hand-in-hand on the ice rink. Lead them to the big present, shaped with twinkling lights and write out the question on one of the donation tags and hang it in the present or ask the question of question right in front of it.

Hit the Slopes: What better way to celebrate a successful run down your favorite slope than to have your future fiancé waiting for you at the bottom, down on one knee? Go for a stroll in the snow fall, as flakes tickle your nose and land on your eyelashes, lead them to the spot where you drew “will you marry me?” in a fresh bed of sparkling white snow and see their eyes widen in surprise.

Latte Art: Surprise your lover cozied up in a café with their favorite warm beverage and your marital request written in foam, cocoa powder, or cinnamon.

Christmas Tree Picking: Enjoy the smell of pine and holiday festivities while choosing your Christmas tree and surprise them by hanging a customized ornament or the special ring on one of the evergreen pine tree branches. You’ll remind your sweetheart that you will always choose them. Already purchased a tree? Then hang the ring in the Christmas tree while you decorate it together.

By Alissa Marinello

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Photo credit: J&J Studios, LLC and BWR Photography