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This Halloween season, Bluebird Distilling, Jet Wine Bar, and Philadelphia Brewing Company are getting festive with creative candy pairings during a special Brews, Booze, and Boos.

With options for liquor, wine, and beer lovers, Halloween-inspired imbibers can enjoy sips and sweets around the city for the rest of October. These scarily good pairings are sure to satisfy any sweet tooth.

. . . . . . . . . .

Jet Wine Bar, Philadelphia’s global vineyard is pairing some of its best wines with classic Halloween treats from October 28 through November 3, including everyone’s favorite candy to hate, Candy Corn. Each pairing is $15 and includes a glass of wine and candy.

  • Brut Cava, Casteller, Spain + Twizzlers
    • Sparkling wine always pairs well with fruits such as strawberries and cherries. This cava’s bubbles and fruit flavors are accentuated by the Twizzlers. We recommend either strawberry or cherry Twizzlers
  •  Viognier, Martin Clerec + Candy Corn
    • Lightly flavored candies such as candy corn want to be paired with a flavorful wine. This viognier has notes of honey & caramel, and the slight creaminess brings out the subtle flavors of the candy corns.
  •  Late Bottled Vintage Port, Delaforce, Portugal + dark chocolate, sea salt roasted nuts
    •  Port “screams” to be paired with dark chocolate. This late vintage port has notes of chocolate and dark cherries that balance perfectly with our dark chocolate nuts

. . . . . . . . . .

Bluebird Distilling at both The Bourse and Shops at Liberty Place is pairing beloved childhood Halloween candies with locally made award-winning craft spirits now through October 31. Each pairing is $12 and includes a 1 oz. pour and candy.

  • Straight Four Grain Bourbon + Hershey Kisses
    •  Bourbon, has a strong presence of vanillas and toffee so pairing it with chocolate it brings out those sweet notes!
  •  American Wheat Whiskey + Caramel Corn
    • Wheat is a very soft grain and when it goes into a barrel it pulls out the burnt vanilla and butterscotch flavors from the barrel! Pairing perfectly with PA’s own caramel corn
  • Vodka + Junior Mints
    • Vodka by definition is a fresh spirit — so by mixing with the junior mints it highlights the short and clean taste profile!
  •  Straight Rye Whiskey + Twizzlers
    • The rye has a richer spice upfront and with floral fruity finish — almost cherry like! The Straight Rye matches with the fruit flavors of the Twizzlers by accentuating berry fruit flavors.
  • Juniperus Gin + Sour Patch Kids
    • This is just a fun pairing! The Juniperus Gin is blended with fresh lemon and orange peels which brings out citrus notes when paired with sour patch kids.

. . . . . . . . . .

Philadelphia Brewing Company, one of Philadelphia’s oldest and largest brewing companies is pulling out all the stops for a brew-tiful batch of beer and candy pairings now through October 31. For $5, guests can enjoy a seasonal or classic pint perfectly paired with candy.

  • Joe Coffee Porter + Peanut Chews
    • Philadelphia Brewing Co. Joe Coffee Porter is brewed with locally-roasted, organic Passero’s coffee and combined with Dark Munich and chocolate malts, making it the perfect sip alongside a classic Philly Peanut Chew.
  • Kenz o’ Lantern + Candy Corn
    • Philadelphia Brewing Co. Kenz o’Lantern takes a twist on the classic dark ale, tasting just like liquid pumpkin pie. Pairing it with Candy Corn celebrates the sweet notes and pumpkin pie spice infused into this seasonal brew.
  • Kenzinger + M&M’s
    • Philadelphia Brewing Co. Kenzinger is a crisp, a light-bodied golden beer that complements the milk chocolate flavors in an M&M without over powering them
  • Walt Wit + Twix
    • Philadelphia Brewing Co. Walt Wit is a fragrant white ale crafted with a pinch of spice, giving it a flavor profile that melts perfectly into the caramel and milk chocolate of a Twix

. . . . . . . . . .


Philadelphia Brewing Co. was originally founded in 1893 and re-established in 2007. In 2001 co-owners Nancy and Bill Barton and Jim McBride acquired their historic Kensington brewery originally constructed and designed in 1885. Today, Philadelphia Brewing Co. is home to the local Kenzinger beer along with more than a dozen different styles of ales and lagers brewed annually. Acting as a city leader in reusing and recycling, the brewery produces fresh beer daily and proudly serves vegan beers. Philadelphia Brewing Co. is operated by Philadelphia’s Brewers & Bottlers and houses the newly-opened Peacock Room and Beer Garden. For more information, please call (215) 427-2739 or visit


Bluebird Distilling is a craft distillery that produces small batch whiskies (that includes a limited release Wheat Whiskey, Four Grain Bourbon, Rye Whiskey, and White Rye Whiskey) and other amazing craft spirits such as Juniperus Gin, Vodka, Sugarcane Rum, and Dark Rum. The distillery and tasting room are located at 100 Bridge Street, Phoenixville, PA 19460. For more information, please call 610.933.7827 or visit


Jet Wine Bar, Philadelphia’s “global vineyard” asks guests to think globally, drink locally. Jet offers meats, cheeses, small plates, sandwiches, and snacks to complement their unique, diverse selection of wines from around the world. Jet Wine Bar opened in November 2010 as the love child of an archaeologist, Jill Weber, and an engineer, Evan Malone. Their goal was to bring a friendly, accessible wine bar to a great neighborhood. The power couple went on to open sister restaurants, Rex 1516 and Cafe Ynez, eventually forming Sojourn Restaurant Group in 2017. Jet serves dinner and snacks — Mon-Fri, 4pm-1am, Sat-Sun, 12pm-1am. Jet Wine Bar can be found at 1525 South St., Philadelphia PA. For more info, visit


-Eleanor King