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September 12, 2019 – Jet Wine Bar, Philadelphia’s “global vineyard,” will host a Georgian BBQ celebrating wines and cuisine from the Republic of Georgia on Sunday, September 15 from 3-8 pm in Jet Wine Bar’s pop-up wine garden, featuring wines of all styles and regions, as well as traditional Georgian fare, and an appearance by the foremost expert on Georgian wine outside of the Republic.

Georgia’s hallmark winemaking method consists of red and white wines that stay in contact with their skins, pips and (sometimes) stems for months and further ferment in huge clay jars, called qvevri, buried in the ground. This method may date back 8,000 years, when evidence for wine first appeared in lands part of the Republic of Georgia.

“I’ve always had an interest in early wine and Georgia’s wine culture dates back at least 8,000 years” said Jill Weber, Owner of Jet Wine Bar and globetrotting archaeologist. “It was on a recent wine-tasting trip to the Republic of Georgia with Lisa Granik, Master of Wine, that I became enamored with the country’s offerings and developed a desire to share these amazing wines with Philadelphia.”

Attendees of the Jet Wine Bar Georgian BBQ will enjoy these traditional qvevri wines, as well as “Western style” wines made in stainless steel and oak, wines from the western region of Imereti, central Kartli, and eastern Kakheti, as well as a special cocktail made from Georgian sparkling Brut.

Lisa Granik, one of only 53 American Masters of Wine (382 across the globe), will be on-site at the BBQ sharing her extensive knowledge of Georgian wine and Eastern European culture and history. Tony Jones, Owner of CBL Wine Co., will also be in attendance to assist guests in deciding which styles are their favorite.

Glasses of Georgian wines rarely available in Philadelphia will range from $9 to $20, while bottles purchased to drink-in will range from $36-$80, and bottles to-go will range $18-$40. Guests will be able to taste before purchasing.

While sipping on Georgian wine, attendees can also enjoy traditional Georgian BBQ from Sojourn Philly Culinary Director, Lucio Palazzo, including: Grilled Imeruli ($13), a grilled flatbread stuffed with farmer’s cheese; Pkhali ($8), a spinach and walnut spread with pomegranate and grilled flatbread; Tenili ($12), a fondue of smoked string cheese with grilled flatbread and chopped veggies; Minced Lamb Kebabi ($12) with herbs, red onion and pomegranate; Pelamushi ($5), a concord grape hazelnut pudding, and more.

The Georgian BBQ is pay-as-you-go and will be located in Jet Wine Garden adjacent to Jet Wine Bar at 1525 South St.

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-Emily Marmion