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July 18, 2019 —Square 1682, the award-winning and dynamic restaurant and bar adjacent to Hotel Palomar in Center City, is pleased to announce that new Lead Bartender Christian Diaz has taken the helm, bringing a fresh direction to the restaurant’s stellar bar program, as well as a new summer cocktail menu.

Christian Diaz brings passion and creativity to his role and is known for his bold-flavored cocktail creations. The Jersey City native first found his love of the craft while working at Tiki Bar in Center City. Then, at Old City’s Red Owl Tavern, Diaz worked as a bar back before eventually becoming a full-time bartender under acclaimed bartender Kyle Darrow. For more than five years Diaz studied his craft before embarking on this latest chapter at Square 1682.

“I’m thrilled to be the new lead bartender at Square 1682. This restaurant sits on one of the city’s most vibrant blocks, and I’m excited to make my mark here and offer new and exciting flavors,” said Diaz.

Diaz’s new cocktail menu at Square 1682 kicks off with summer-perfect libations, such as the Summer Breeze($14), made with pomegranate-infused aperol, Amaro Nonino, and lemon;Midsummer Night’s Dream($12), made with Bank 5 Rum, apricot jam, all spice, and lime; The Jessie Rabbit($13), made with Absolute Vodka, bubbles, basil, carrot, and lemon; Nice as Pie($14), made with strawberry infused Botanist Gin, rhubarb, cardamom, orgeat, egg white, and lemon; Summertime in Georgia($13), made with grilled peach Old Forester Bourbon, spiced black tea, vanilla, and walnut bitters; and Madison’s Square Garden($13), made with Tanqueray Gin, watermelon, honey, basil, and lime.

Here on the busy corner in the Rittenhouse Square neighborhood, Diaz leads his team and can be found behind the stick exploring new ways to offer guests delicious, creative and artfully presented libations.

Those looking to enjoy the new cocktail menu can stop in and grab a seat at the bar or can secure a table by calling 215-563-5008.

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Christian Diaz - Square 1682

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– Eleanor King