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Good manners and etiquette can mean the difference between success and failure in many aspects of life. They embellish your personality and portray you as an individual – before you even speak a word.

That is why it’s important to follow professional etiquette because it allows others to see that you are polite, civilized and able to represent the company in a positive way. If you don’t show good manners, you run the risk of ruining your reputation. And even though it is known that etiquette is important, people still make a lot of unnecessary mistakes. That is why Brian Lipstein, AICI CIC, President, Henry A. Davidsen, Master Tailors & Image Consultants, told us more about the most common mistakes and how to avoid them.

  1. Using emojis in your work emails
    “Too many individuals treat emails to work colleagues as text messages in business settings,” says Lipstein. People can’t be casual in any of their work communications. Business emails should still have a formal introduction, an appropriate subject line, a greeting, full sentences, and a formal closing, he explains.
  2. Sending error-filled texts or emails from your phone
    “Being on your mobile is no excuse for bad grammar and spelling, especially if you’re texting your boss or colleagues. Proofreading is a must,” he says because it “represents you, your values, the quality of your work, and overall leaves an impression on the reader of who you.”
  3. Using a handshake as a show of dominance
    “Too many men and women don’t know how to give or receive a proper handshake,” Lipstein says. Not matter if we’re talking about a weak “limp fish” shake, a crushing “dominant” shake, holding too long, or grasping with the opposite hand,“ we’ve experienced them all. A proper handshake should be nice and firm without overpowering the other person,” he says. “Shake from the elbow with three pumps of the arm while making eye contact and giving someone your first and last name.”
  4. Knowing your way around the dining table
    “Knowing how a dining table is set and what belongs to you goes a long way in making an impression.” It’s important to use the correct silverware for the correct course, he adds. Moreover, once an item of silverware is lifted off the table to be used, it should never touch the table again.” It is to be rested on the plate and taken with the plate when finished.” There are so many rules and people can’t know about them all, but they are important, “as important as the fact that if you are being toasted at a dinner, you do not drink to your own toast.”

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-Tobias Fischer