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18 July 2018 – Philadelphian sommelier Gordana Kostovski was recently featured in Food & Wine’s esteemed Liquid Diet. Gordana takes us through her week of beverages–from kombucha to Turkish coffee to tequila—and documents her role as GM at Spanish-themed Oloroso, where her husband Townsend Wentz is chef and owner. Markham Heid gives us all the details.

You can read an excerpt of the piece below:

“Sunday 11 p.m. Service is winding down. I finally open a wine that was given to me three years ago by a guest who sells wine in New Jersey. (I am grateful for others’ thoughtfulness.) It’s a 375-milliliter of C.V.N.E. Monopole Viura 1975, and Tod and I taste it together. I can’t help myself, so I open another gifted bottle from a different guest I’ve known for years. She went on a trip to Spain and brought home a rare white wine from Rueda, Dorado de Alberto 2016. It drinks beautifully. I rarely finish a bottle—just lots of tasting. When I first started drinking wine I always went to red. In my 30s, I started to really appreciate white wine.”

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– Abi Weaver