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24 April 2018 — You don’t need a green thumb to enjoy a delectable floral drink this spring. Here is a list of places to imbibe some not-so-garden-variety cocktails in this finally warmer weather.


REX 1516’s Cardi P

This expertly crafted libation from Beverage Manager Lou DiNunzio combines rum, lime juice, cardamom black pepper syrup, and sparkling wine to create a full-flavored cocktail for spring. This delightfully herbal and savory cocktail is garnished with edible flowers, providing a soft, floral aroma that balances out the little heat from the black pepper syrup.

Red Owl Tavern’s Spring Flower Sour

Really experience the changing seasons with this color-changing cocktail from Red Owl Tavern. Gin, lavender-honey, and rosewater give the drink a delightfully springtime mood. Lead Bartender Kyle Darrow utilizes butterfly tea leaves, a unique color-changing ingredient, to initially make the drink blue then transform into a beautiful shade of violet when it comes into contact with an acidic ingredient-aka lemon juice.

The Bar at Bluebird Distilling’s Strange Clouds

Good things take time–like waiting for spring this year or making this delectable whiskey cocktail from Beverage Manager Matt Giarratano. The homemade blackberry-lavender syrup requires almost four days to prepare before it can be added with Bluebird Distilling’s American Wheat Whiskey, fresh lime juice, orange blossom water, and an egg white to create this sweet spring cocktail.

Burg’s Hideaway Lounge’s Grapefruit Paloma

This dressed tropical canned cocktail is the first in Philly and acts as the perfect match to the tiki vibe at this neighborhood hot-spot. Food and Beverage Manager Jonathan Makar’s creation is as aesthetically pleasing as it is delicious, combining Grapefruit Austin Eastciders, tequila, curaçao, lime and dressed with mint and an edible orchid flower.

Ocean Prime’s Black Orchid cocktail

Featuring the soft-sounding Belvedere black raspberry vodka, tart white cranberry juice, a hint of St. Germain, and a touch of tanginess from fresh-squeezed lemon, Ocean Prime’s Black Orchid embodies the flavors of spring. And keeping the drink cool while looking even cooler, a sphere of ice encapsulating an edible orchid tops off this beautiful libation.


— Mackenzie Mills