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7 March 2018 – Congratulations to Chef Townsend Wentz and the entire team at Oloroso for receiving a three-bell review from Philadelphia Inquirer food critic, Craig LaBan.

Wentz grew up in South Jersey and moved to Philadelphia after graduating from Rutgers University. Working his way through college in the restaurant industry, Wentz worked under many prestigious chefs, including Chef Jean Marie Lacroix of acclaimed Philadelphia restaurant Lacroix at The Rittenhouse, and previously with Lacroix at the legendary Fountain at the Four Seasons.

Oloroso is the third restaurant in four years added to Wentz’s all-star lineup of restaurants in Philadelphia, which includes Townsend, a French destination on East Passyunk Ave., and A Mano, an Italian BYOB in Fairmount. Townsend was Wentz’ first restaurant to receive a three-bell review from LaBan.

Opening in November of 2017, Oloroso is a pioneer of the Spanish food scene in Philadelphia. The Washington Square West restaurant was praised for its classic Spanish dishes, well trained staff, and an extensive selection of 25 sherries in every shade imaginable. LaBan speaks to his experience, “There can be so many flavors on the table at any given time, the flexibility of beverages — and a sense of adventure in diners’ appetites — is key.” The tapas style menu allows for tasting a wide variety of dishes, each with unique flavor profiles.

LaBan closes his review with: “Oloroso’s Spanish journey clearly is just beginning. But it’s already off to a very sweet start.”

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– Mitchell Smith