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August 2, 2017 – Wine Enthusiast, the world’s largest publication for wine and spirits, recently featured Red Owl Tavern’s Lead Bartender Kyle Darrow in their article on the new uses of black limes in cocktails. The dried up lime, retains some of the fresh, lime flavor while adding new forms of complexity and depth to the cocktail’s profile. You can read the excerpt from the article featuring Red Owl Tavern below:

An earthy, almost fermented taste allows black limes to deftly mingle with spices like cloves or star anise, says Kyle Darrow, lead bartender at Red Owl Tavern in Philadelphia. The richness of Demerara sugar also turns up a black lime’s funkiness, which is part of the reason Darrow has begun to use them to make a replacement for traditional lime cordial.

For his Art of the City cocktail, Darrow uses gin infused with black limes for a more potent taste.

“The beauty of this ingredient is it’s a pretty familiar flavor, so it will be easy to play around with,” he says. “Any drink that calls for fresh lime juice can easily be twisted to use black lime to add a little extra depth.”

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Red Owl Tavern Art of the City

– Blake Pertl