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17 January 2017 – People Magazine recently featured our friend Mike Stollenwerk, Owner and Executive Chef of Two Fish, in their annual Half Their Size issue.

Featured in the Chefs Who Shed the Weight section, Stollenwerk discusses the challenges of dropping serious weight while working amongst the many temptations of the food world. In the article he talks about how he knew what foods to eat, but “I wouldn’t apply my knowledge of nutrition to dieting,” he says. Instead of eating the healthy seafood he serves up on a nightly basis to his customers, Stollenwerk munched on late-night pizza and cheesesteaks because “Nothing’s really open when you’re done working in a restaurant,” he says.

Stollenwerk said he finally had enough with his weight when he required a seatbelt extender on a flight to the Caribbean, inspiring him to lose 160 lbs. in just one year! He credits his incredible weight loss to restricting his diet to 1,500 calories a day, working with a Muay Thai instructor, and working out at Sweat Fitness.

Congratulations on the feature and keep up the amazing work Chef Stollenwerk!

2017-01-17 09:42