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Punch Media’s very own director of PR & Strategy, Kylie Flett, chatted about her experience with ‘Dry January’ with Women’s Health’s Colleen De Bellefonds. Check out an excerpt of the article below.

5 Women Share What It Was Like to Totally Give Up Booze for ‘Dry January’
“I lost 12 pounds and my skin was flawless.”


“I work in an industry where I often have an event every night of the week, and I represent several distilleries and breweries—so it’s literally my job to drink! In 2016, I completed Dry January after a month of sweating it out with a personal trainer with zero weight-loss results. It was hard—really hard—and I found myself feeling incredibly left out, as if everyone was at a party without me. During that month, a friend passed away and several people encouraged me to have a drink. But I didn’t. Looking back, I know that this actually helped me. By not relying on alcohol to numb the pain, I was able to fully process those feelings. What’s more, I lost 12 pounds, my skin was flawless, I actually craved healthy foods, I was more motivated to work out, and I saved a bunch of money!” —Kylie Flett, Philadelphia, 33, director of PR and strategy at PUNCH Media


This article was originally posted on on December 23, 2016.