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22 December 2016 – Red Owl Tavern’s new Executive Chef Caitlin Mateo is mixing things up this Christmas.

Not only is the restaurant on Independence Mall staying open on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day from breakfast though dinner, Mateo is cooking up a Chinatown Pop Up to boot.

Inspired by the classic holiday film A Christmas Story, Mateo is offering a special menu just for the holiday (offered both Christmas Eve and Christmas Day) including Whole Peking Duck served with kimchi and white rice, General Tso’s Chicken, Short Rib Ramen with chili oil and seven minute egg, Sweet & Sour Broccoli with beets, reddish and soy, Dick Confit Steam Buns with cabbage slaw, hoisin vinaigrette, and Shrimp Dumplings with ginger ponzu.

Additionally, acclaimed Lead Bartender Kyle Darrow will offer a selection of specialty Tiki Cocktails.

To complete the experience, guests can expect decor enhancements such as classic paper placements with cocktail offerings, lanterns, chopsticks, and even complimentary tea per table.

– Emily Marmion