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Today’s business section of the Philadelphia Inquirer includes Punch Media’s James Zeleniak and client Square 1682 discussing marketing opportunities during snow storms. As Monday was the first snow day of the season, Punch Media and Square 1682 offer specials including 50 percent off burgers and the chance to play Rock, Paper, Scissors to win half off beer, wine or bourbon. Philadelphia Inquirer journalist, Jane M. Von Bergen, refers to this as turning snow into snow cones. Square 1682, located in Hotel Palomar in Center City, wants to make the best of snow days and encourages everyone to come out for the great specials whenever Philadelphia public schools announce their closing. Ten years ago, money would have been lost due to lack of attendance, but with Social Media’s instant communication and this great deal, chef Caitlin Mateo says the night was just as successful as any other.

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