Tod Wentz

With Oloroso, Chef Townsend Wentz Earns 3rd 3-Bell Review from The Philadelphia Inquirer’s Craig LaBan

  7 March 2018 – Congratulations to Chef Townsend Wentz and the entire team at Oloroso for receiving a three-bell review from Philadelphia Inquirer food critic, Craig LaBan. Wentz grew up in South Jersey and moved to Philadelphia after graduating from Rutgers University. Working his way through college in the restaurant industry, Wentz worked under many prestigious chefs, including Chef …


Punch Media Featured
In Philadelphia Inquirer

Today’s business section of the Philadelphia Inquirer includes Punch Media’s James Zeleniak and client Square 1682 discussing marketing opportunities during snow storms. As Monday was the first snow day of the season, Punch Media and Square 1682 offer specials including 50 percent off burgers and the chance to play Rock, Paper, Scissors to win half off beer, wine or bourbon. …